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Piano Study = Brain Development

Researchers are providing us with an unprecedented understanding of how we think and learn - We know now that music is a vital part of a complete education.
Dr. Frank R. Wilson, a noted neurologist, has proven that the study of piano helps the physical, mental, emotional and social growth of students. Our children can benefit greatly from making music so music education should also be a part of every core curriculum. Now is the time to insist on getting piano lessons for your child and even yourself! Piano study helps build critical thinking skills in people of ALL ages. For adults, piano study is also a must! Doctors recommend piano lessons for adults to relieve stress. Plus, it's fun!

Research found that one-year-old babies, who participated in interactive music classes with their parents, smiled more, communicated better and showed earlier and more sophisticated brain responses to music. Plus, research suggests that music may help those born too soon adapt to life outside the womb. Some doctors say the music works best at relieving babies' stress and helping parents bond with infants too sick to go home.

Children: In an online edition of the 2006 journal Brain, research found that after one year, musically trained children performed better in a memory test correlated with general intelligence skills such as literacy, verbal memory, spatial processing, mathematics and IQ. Also, in 1995, The University of Wisconsin found that piano study correlates with brain development benefits!  The study shows that students who play piano have a 34% improvement in math and science scores!

              • Piano study also helps to develop self-confidence, creativity, self-esteem, self-discipline, and critical thinking skills.
              • Playing the piano strengthens eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills.
              • Evidence shows that students who study piano average 46% higher scores in spatial reasoning skills and 20% higher on ACT and SAT scores.

Piano will enrich your family, your home, and your quality of life. Doctors even recommend piano lessons for adults to relieve stress! Researchers now know that playing a musical instrument such as the piano can switch off the stress response, improving physical and emotional health.

        •  The study of piano will enrich your family, your home and your quality of life.
        • 20% of kids learn to play music. 70% of adults wish they had. Learn piano as an adult to relieve stress and have fun!

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