Piano Celebration 2014 raised $34,754 for Ronald McDonald House of E.I & W.I
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About Us

Members of Piano For A Richer Life, a local musical organization, had a vision to bring together local piano students and area celebrities to show off their talents to help benefit a charity that helps children. Started in 2003, Piano Celebration has benefited the RMH of EI & WI by raising over $300,000! 

Piano For a Richer Life serves as a catalyst for the growth and development of quality piano education in the Quad Cities by providing vision, leadership and support through our programs. It is a non-profit organization consisting of educators, parents, students, piano technicians, music dealers and local community leaders.

Our goal is to increase an awareness, recognition, and support for the study of piano for people of all walks of life. We assist organizations and individuals who teach, support, and provide music education in their schools and communities.

Some advice from Piano For A Richer Life: When buying a piano, buy the best piano you can afford. You'll be listening to and looking at your piano for a long time. The average lifetime of a piano spans decades, so you will probably own it long after you've sold your present furniture, house, and car. Don't economize on a piano, especially for a child who is starting lessons. There are options out there that make piano purchasing affordable. Talk to your local piano store to find out what your options are. Finding a quality instrument is key! Making music on a quality instrument is one of the best ways to keep your young pianist interested! After purchasing your piano, have your piano tuned regularly. It can help your piano live a longer life. Sometimes people think that if the piano isn't being played, it doesn't need to be tuned. You could relate piano tuning to car maintenance - you need to change the oil on your car whether you drive it or not, just like you need to tune your piano whether you play it or not. Also, just like it is better for your car to be driven, it is better for your piano to be played!  For tuning help, contact your local piano store to get a piano tuner reference or check out the Piano Technician Guild website that has information on Registered Piano Technicians (RPT). A Registered Piano Technician has passed a series of rigorous examinations on the maintenance, repair, and tuning of pianos. Using a registered piano technician will ensure your instrument is in the best hands for tuning, repair, or maintenance.

Committee Members:

Kathy Bierl      Christi Foster-Nunnally
Jim Foster      Gene Taets
Lynn Kroeger      Debbie Laird
Dorie Arp-Benore - Marketing Director
Quad City Chapter of Piano Technicians Guild
Federated Music Teachers Association
Quad City Music Teachers Association

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